What is IDx Kidney?

The goal of kidney IDx is to understand the imaging of small renal masses, explore the use of imaging for the differentiation of kidney masses-including benign and malignant tumors-and predict biological behavior of renal cancers from imaging.

Research Objectives

Our research objectives include reviewing the efficacy of the current imaging modalities available today in detecting and helping to stage renal tumor. We are evaluating outcomes in patients who were managed with surgery and ablative techniques like cryoablation, radiofrequency ablation, etc. We are also improving the prognostic determination of Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) based on imaging features by building models or computer based artificial intelligence diagnostic algorithms to enable CAD based diagnosis of these lesions on the unique appearance of different types of tumors.

Highlights and Key Publications
  • Machine Learning-Based Quantitative CT Texture Analysis for Differentiation of Benign and Malignant Renal Masses
  • Using Aorta-Lesion Attenuation to Differentiate Between Malignant and Benign Renal Lesions
  • UCLA CT Score for Classification of Solid Renal Masses
  • Validation of An Automated Software to Measure Total Kidney Volume in Patients with Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease
Recent Grants and Awards
  • 2016 Society of Abdominal Radiology Howard S. Stern Research Award: Nelly Tan M.D. and Jonathan Young M.D.


Kidney IDx includes Biobank, Radpath, and CT Perfusion projects, all of which are seeking to establish high resolution accurate spatial registration between radiology and pathology. The development of Kidney IDx has expedited over the past year; researchers and staff have defined the scope of data collection and annotations, implemented new database initiatives, and streamlined existing workflows. The number of available images for Kidney IDx will continue to increase due to further integration with QIWS.


The graphs below give a snapshot of what is in the database and available through the Data Request Process. Graphs are updated on a quarterly basis. IDx Kidney consists of three cohorts: RadPath cohort (cases with renal CT or MRI w/wo contrast cases with histopathologic diagnosis), biobank cohort (cases that have undergone CT or MR-guided biopsy of the kidney), and CT perfusion cohort (a subset of cases which underwent CT renal perfusion imaging). Please note that validation of histological type for these cases is ongoing. Blood and tissue specimens are only available from the biobank cohort only.
Kidney Graph 1
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