Data Access

Data Access




STEP 1: Contact Us

The requestor contacts IDx via the form below to request a data consult with an IDx resource specific to their desired domain.


STEP 2: IDx Data Consultation

The IDx resource determines if the requestor has the appropriate IRB requirements, application information, and project specifications. They check if the data is readily available in the IDx database.


STEP 3: IDx Data Request Application

If it is determined via the consult that the study is viable, the requestor fills out the full data request application on the REDCap platform.


STEP 4: IDx Data Request Approval Process

The requestor may be asked to present on their proposed research to the appropriate Scientific Advisory Group. Two reviewers are selected from the group to review the application.


STEP 5: IDx Data Request Distribution

If approved, the entire IDx team works together the process the data request. PHI requests require an extended fulfillment period in order to process the necessary documentation.

Data Request Application

Data Request Consultation & Application

Following the data request consult, a link and return code are sent via email to submit the data request application.

Data Use Agreement

The IDx Data Transfer Agreement is for 3 years and is a one-time occurrence unless otherwise requested. When the agreement expires, the data must be destroyed.

Data Use Agreement
Data Request Application

Data Dictionary

The data dictionary identifies the properties, data types, and values for the existing data elements stored in the database. It also provides metadata that assists in defining the scope and usage of the data elements.

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