What is IDx Breast?

A multidisciplinary cross collaborative platform of benign and malignant breast imaging case examples obtained on state-of-the-art imaging equipment with corresponding clinical and pathological correlates. Our mission is to develop a highly curated longitudinal digital breast imaging database with state-of-the-art mammographic, sonographic and MRI images and corresponding pathological and clinical findings.

Research Objectives
  • To facilitate innovative imaging-based research using AI to more accurately differentiate benign and malignant processes and predict the likelihood of cancer development.
  • To predict outcome and tailor treatment of breast cancer subtypes.
  • Improve the early detection and characterization of aggressive breast cancer by integrating advanced imaging, histopathology, and molecular correlates.
Highlights and Current Projects
  • Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center Breast Cancer Research Award 2021
  • Predicting malignancy from serial mammograms and ultrasound videos
  • Quantitative Analysis of Micro-calcifications analysis of microcalcifications to reduce overdiagnosis
  • External validation of breast AI algorithms
  • Biobank (Prospective) Cohort
    • Patients undergoing US-guided breast biopsy
    • Inclusion Criteria: Must have DBT and/or breast MRI prior to biopsy
    • Study collects frozen tissue specimens


The Breast IDx program, established in 2018, is developing a highly curated, quality research database for use by investigators aiming to improve early detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Databases are being populated with clinical, pathological, molecular and multimodality breast imaging data and integrated with archived images and image annotations.

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